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Bits4motorbikes has 2523 different tyres, 1369 Fork stanchions / Replacement fork tubes, 3822 Monoshock options, over 13,662 Dual Shocks options and 54,326 SBS Brake Pads and Shoe combinations in our database. This new year of 2014 Bits4motorbikes well have more shocks for sale than any other website seller.

Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Bridgestone tyres. Our system is a click and buy system. if you do not see what you need, or what you want in tyres

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Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Bridgestone tyres.
Simply select the tyre you want and click and buy! We supply a wide range of motorbike tyres, however If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you.
Below is a list of links ordered by wheel sizes.

We are constantly updating our motorbike tyre database and search system and will be launching our advanced tyre search system soon. Be sure to add us to your favourites!
Please note that we do not offer advice on the suitability of tyres or their application and cannot accept any responsibility or liability in this regard. It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate tyre is selected. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Wheel Size Number Of Tryes
(on our Database)
Wheel Size 8 1
Wheel Size 10 18
Wheel Size 12 23
Wheel Size 13 16
Wheel Size 14 29
Wheel Size 15 41
Wheel Size 16 78
Wheel Size 17 554
Wheel Size 18 131
Wheel Size 19 87
Wheel Size 21 40
Bridgestone tyres types and models list, (Click on one to find out more)
A40 A41 AC-03
AC-04 AX-41 AX41S Scrambler
B01 B02 B03
Battlax BT-016 Pro Battlax BT46 Battlax Hypersport S20
Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO Battlax S21 Battlax SC
Battlax SC 2 RAIN Battlax SC Ecopia Battlax SC2
Battlax T30 Battlax T30 EVO Battlax T31
Battlax T32 BattleCross X10 BattleCross X20
BattleCross X30 BattleCross X40 Battlecruise H50
BT-001 BT-002 BT-003
BT-011 BT-012 BT-014
BT-015 BT-016 BT-019
BT-020 BT-021 BT-022
BT-023 BT-028 BT-090
BT39SS BT45 BT50
BT54 BT56 BT57
BT92 BW-501 BW-502
E05Z E06Z E08Z
E50 ED03 ED04
ED12 ED663 ED668
Exedra Max G508 G515
G523 G524 G525
G526 G535 G536
G544 G546 G547
G548 G701 G702
G703 G704 G709
G721 G722 G850
G851 G852 G853
H50 L301 L303
L307 L309 M040
M101 M102 M203
M204 M401 M402
M403 M404 M603
M604 ME01Z ME77Z
ML50 MR01Z MR02Z
MR04Z R01Z R02Z
R03Z R04Z R10
R11 RE RS10
RS11 S22 S701
TH01 TW02 TW101
TW152 TW201 TW202
TW203 TW204 TW24
TW301 TW302 TW39
TW40 TW41 TW42
TW47 TW48 TW53
TW54 V01 Slick V02 Slick
W01 Rain    

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