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Make and Model CC Year From Shocks Fork Springs Exhausts Tyres
Triumph Tiger CUB COMPETITION T20C. 200 1962  
Triumph 200cc T20 Tiger CUB 200 1954  
Triumph T25T Trailblazer 250 1970 to 1972  
Triumph 250cc T25S / SS 250 1970  
Triumph 250cc TR25 250 1968 to 1970  
Triumph 350cc 3TA, T90 350 1959 to 1969  
Triumph 500cc TR5T Adventurer 500 1969  
Triumph 500cc T100SS 500 1969  
Triumph 500cc T100 500 1969  
Triumph T100C Trophy 500cc 500 1969  
Triumph T100R Daytona 500cc 500 1969  
Triumph 500cc 5TA, T100SS 500 1959 to 1968  
Triumph 500cc PRE UNIT All Models 500 1954  
Triumph 650cc TR6 All Models 650 1972  
Triumph 650cc T120R Bonneville, TR6. 650 1969 to 1972  
Triumph 650cc TR6C Trophy,TR6R Trophy 650 1963 to 1970  
Triumph 650cc 6T Unit Construction 650 1963 to 1967  
Triumph 650cc T120 Bonneville, TR6 Trophy 650 1963 to 1970  
Triumph 650cc PRE UNIT All Models 650 1954  
Triumph 750cc TR7 All Models, Tiger USA 750 1972  
Triumph 750cc T140 Bonneville All Models 750 1972  
Triumph 750cc T150 & T160 All Models 750 1969  
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The company began in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann emigrated to Coventry in England from Nuremberg, part of the German Empire. In 1884 aged 20, Bettmann founded his own company, the S. Bettmann & Co. Import Export Agency, in London. Bettmann's original products were bicycles, which the company bought and then sold under its own brand name. Bettmann also distributed sewing machines imported from Germany.

In 1886, Bettmann sought a more universal name, and the company became known as the Triumph Cycle Company. A year later, the company registered as the New Triumph Co. Ltd., now with financial backing from the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company. In that year, Bettmann was joined by another Nuremberg native, Moritz Schulte.

Schulte encouraged Bettmann to transform Triumph into a manufacturing company, and in 1888 Bettmann purchased a site in Coventry using money lent by his and Schulte's families. The company began producing the first Triumph-branded bicycles in 1889. In 1896, Triumph opened a subsidiary, Orial TWN (Triumph Werke Nuremberg) a German subsidiary for cycle production in his native city.

In 1898, Triumph decided to extend its own production to include motorbikes and by 1902, the company had produced its first motorbike - a bicycle fitted with a Belgian-built engine. In 1903, as its motorbike sales topped 500, Triumph opened motorbike production at its unit in Germany. During its first few years producing motorbikes, the company based its designs on those of other manufacturers. In 1904, Triumph began building motorbikes based on its own designs and in 1905 produced its first completely in-house designed motorbike. By the end of that year, the company had produced more than 250 of that design.

In 1907, after the company opened a larger plant, production reached 1,000 bikes. Triumph had also launched a second, lower-end brand, Gloria, produced in the company's original plant.

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