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Make and Model CC Year From Shocks Fork Springs Exhausts Tyres
DMW 150 LEDA, 200P MK1 MK1X, 150 1955 to 1959  
DMW MX MK5/6, MK7T 200 1955 to 1959  
DMW MK9 TS 200 1950  
DMW CORTINA 225 1955 to 1959  
DMW HORNET 250 1966  
DMW DOLOMITE MK2/MK2A 250 1950  
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DMW was the last motorbike manufacturer in Wolverhampton. The company which closed in the mid 1990s was also one of the longest survivors, having produced its first motorbike about 50 years before its doors closed for the last time. The company was, and still is, well-known amongst trials and racing enthusiasts and has had many racing triumphs. DMW machines are still used at sporting events and will probably still be used for a long time to come. During its life DMW produced about 15,000 machines and many manufacturers used the company's forks and in later years its engines.

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