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MotorBike Disk pads and brake shoes


Motorbike disk pads and brake shoes available for 200cc YAMAHA's
YAMAHA YFS200 R Blaster  2003
YAMAHA TW200  2001
YAMAHA DT200 WR  1991 - 1993
YAMAHA WR200  1991 - 1992
YAMAHA DT200 R  1989
YAMAHA SX200 R  1988
YAMAHA SDR200  1988 - 1989
YAMAHA YFS200 U-P Blaster  1988 - 2002
YAMAHA XC200 Riva  1987
YAMAHA TW200  1987 - 2000
YAMAHA TT200  1986
YAMAHA IT200 S  1986
YAMAHA YFM200 DXS-DXW Moto 4  1986 - 1987
YAMAHA YFM200 N Moto 4  1985 - 1989
YAMAHA XT200  1985
YAMAHA IT200  1985
YAMAHA BW200  1985 - 1988
YAMAHA DT200 R  1985 - 1987
YAMAHA IT200 L, N  1984 - 1985
YAMAHA YTM200 K-N Tri Moto  1983 - 1985
YAMAHA RS200  1979
YAMAHA RD200 DX  1978 - 1981
YAMAHA RD200 DX  1976 - 1978
YAMAHA RD200 A, B  1974 - 1975
YAMAHA YDS-7 200  1973 - 1975

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Bits4motorbikes has 2523 different tyres, 1369 Fork stanchions / Replacement fork tubes, 3822 Monoshock options, over 13,662 Dual Shocks options and 54,326 SBS Brake Pads and Shoe combinations in our database. This new year of 2014 Bits4motorbikes well have more shocks for sale than any other website seller.
SBS Carbontech for medium displacement to high performance scooters used for sporty everyday transportation and fun.

Recommended for 125cc to 249cc by SBS


  COLD Performance  
Price Hot Performance
Durability Fade Resistance
Dry Performance Wet Performance
STREET HF - Ceramic
Stable brake performance for front and rear brake. High level of comfort and longlasting brake pads and rotor friendliness under various conditions such as wet roads, changing temperatures and diffe­rent brake pressures. Recommended for earlier Sport, Touring and Custom models as well as daily transport and touring on small motorcycles which are mainly not originally equipped with sinter metal brake pads.

Examples: Honda CN & CB, Kawasaki EN & KZ, Suzuki GN & GS, Yamaha XS & XJ and Harley Davidson's.

STREET Ceramic - HF

  COLD Performance  
Price Hot Performance
Durability Fade Resistance
Dry Performance Wet Performance

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